Sunday, February 18, 2007

Last float half laminated

Jess, another old boat-builder friend, came in to assist in laminating the last float. He use a plastic squeegee to spread the epoxy and to squeeze out the surplus. Work clothes is not present at all, quite demoralizing for a pro!!! Green cloves are nitril rubber.

I work the front end fixing the stringer ( pre-drilled with lots of holes to let the air out from underneath) and adding reinforcements: glass then carbon uni and a cover of glass, seen here.

Finish, with a good vacuum, not 100 % but -0.95 bar is very good for this. I find that it is quite hard with the pump I got to get -1.0 bar which is max. The bag and the foam is to big with to many very very small leak. But this is absolutely fine. I would say that all below -0.7 bar is fine. Even to much pressure can squeeze out to much epoxy, especially if the epoxy is very liquid.
After picture was taken it ended further down at -0.95 bar

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Jay said...

Your boat is looking great -- thanks for putting up the blog so we can follow your progress.