Sunday, November 23, 2008

Floats moving

Floats are painted with a Hi-Build filler and stored for assembly with the mainhull and beams later.

My first plan was to finish paintjob now but I find that it may be easier to do float together with beams when they are joined together.


Central mounting modules (CMM) are now ready to fit in the coming mainhull. On wood blocks added the arms will sit .

Carbon mast

I just got hold of a Marstrom carbon mast, only problem is that it is in two parts. I should be able to join the pieces where the spreaders will be. Profile is 210X 90mm.

As seen here the bottom is fine. The ball socket is also there, I just remove it for further reinforcement.
Forestay attachment is ok but the spinnaker is too low. Don't know if the u -bolt are for 2:1 hailyards. Anyone??