Monday, August 22, 2011

More update

Bow with HD for winch u-bolt.
Carbon tube for bowpole stay(?)
Daggerboard case with carbon stringers. The red color comes from the spray adhesive used to hold fabrics in place before infusion. I know of builders that use syntetic stamples but I dont find them here in DK, they can be found in the Nederlands but in large quantities >5000 .

Per Folm sold me some 7 mm Dynex Dux line and Colligo timples to make shrouds, so I made the modified Brummelsplice, very easy to do.


nico peursum said...

The staples and a hand tacker can also be ordered from

Great to see your progress!

works very well.

MartinF said...

Thanks Nico
I just need to dó one infusion so I stick to the adhesive, we alsomuse at work. Thanks for your commentator. By the way, I think the Best way to get an airtight hull is to glue panels together without making the rabet. By doing the rabet you will only get 5 mm of foam and I believe that is the reason that is is difficult to get a good vacuum. it does not help to seal seams with bog since there will be an area with 5 mm thighness just next to the seam. So glue panel together, or seam them with bog like Henny do.


nico peursum said...

For my sake I hope the effect you describe is minimal :-) A thin layer of bog also covers the 5mm thick part. Anyway, I will soon find out as my third float half is ready for glass. I only have to find some uninterupted time to go for it.

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