Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laminated starboard deck

Crawling along inside adding peelply, I kneel on some layer of soft foam. Did all by myself and it went allright with slow hardener mixed with extra slow hardener 50/50%.

The glued bleeder and release film with some sprayglue, then only one sheet to handle.

Finished laminate, doing jibsheet track backing plate. Note I use vacuum not get it perfect, but to hold things in place since backingplace is beveled 45 degrees and that makes the laminete not easy to get right in corners.

Be sure you got first aid ready at hand, for those that do not read swedish it says: Instrument Surgical help department 1 set. And I got a backup box ;-)

And the faring goes on........more filling and more sanding, proberly overkill.

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