Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fittting stem and HD inserts

More tool info, I bought this cutter, but the blades are expensive so I tried to weld a japanese blade to a base plate from a used blade seen at top. I can make 5 of these from one japanese blade and it cost a fraction of the original ones. Works great.

I had to straiten the port side a bit before gluing stem together. I fitted a strip of foam from the inside and another one on outside (no picture yet).

I plan to make a through hull carbon tube for the bowsprit bob stay instead of an U bolt or a carbon tang as used on the F22.
After glassing inside I fit a block of offcut foam pieces. The top of it consist of 4x15mm HD strips, the bottom is plain foam. All glued and shaped to fit the corner of stem.

Here it is glassed. Before I fitted it 2 layers of glass was laminated 1x800 and 1x400 g. Guess that will be strong enough.

For the trailer I went for the trad. Ubolt since I got it already. Here is the inside HD double strip glassed.

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