Sunday, April 6, 2008

Making daggerboard case

Daggerboard case is normally done in plywood and wooden battens, but i saw that the F22 is done over a mold with glass tapes as joints. So I opted for this solution. Also I made the foil longer and slimmer than the original, that is referred to as high aspect foils.
Doing so I made the case width 120 mm shorter( than original).

Here I made a full scale model of my idea. Board up.

And down. The original board is also seen

F 35 board. It is sticking up higher than normal. Mast raising is done ether on the water or using a special u shaped gin pole.

Laying up the ply and reinforcement. Black band is a double 300 g/m Uni carbon, both sides.

Vacuum bagging port side with the groove for down line and block.

After cure. Mold visible under part. This is just some chipboards with plastic tape. Used a crowbar to release!!!!

Film and bleeder to the garbage. ( delivered to waste deposit as paint to be destructed)

More carbon after joining the two parts. Also see Rogers F22 Page for more info.

Starboard side.
Port side. Hole for down block screws set from inside glassed over. Inside is painted with epoxy added graphite powder. I will paint anti-foil later.

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