Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bogging port hull

I use the Australian word, bog for this. The American/English word putty sounds like something you might eat..... Bog is a mix of epoxy and a filler, fillers can be wood dust, glass bobbles (very very small) micro balloons, silica and various others used in boat building.

For this purpose I use micro balloons a brownish powder.

First I cut the seams open with a sharp utility knife and for tricky places I use the pneumatic
straight router. It is like a Dremel tool, I chose this version since I burnt out a Dremel (a copy though) doing carbon fiber. The carbon got stuck in the bushings I believe.

Then using a candy bag I apply the bog two times with no sanding in between ( apply second layer in less than 12 hours).
Sanded and ready for laminate. Note the 5 cm edge of bog at the perimeter of the hull. This is for the vacuum tape. I do not trust that the foam will make a airtight glue with the tape, although other builder do without. But not much extra work to be sure.

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