Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fitting strut bearing to beams

I bought a complete folding set from Precourt Canada since do-it-yourself sometimes is not worth it. The finish and general standard of these fittings is very high, and it can be difficult to obtain materials in such small quantities and quality. In my opinion your time is better used building the boat. You would not build your own winches or would you??

The 4 bearings (on each beam) with bushes bought from Farrier Marine. And they fit perfect the Precourt fittings. This is a complete set of bushes from F-boat Store

The strut also needs a bush

Test fitting and drilling holes.
Checking device to make sure strut is in the middle. (Thanks Rod "Chillax" , F82R Melbourne, AUS, for the inspiration to this. )Care full mark is important, as well as enough bog, this time I use high density filler.

Done and cleaned.

A look inside beam.Approximate position just upside down

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Rod said...

Good work Martin. I see that you had to take out a bit at the side as well to get the washer to sit. I am actually waiting a bit until i can mount the beams on to the boat, so I have left the tops off. I was not happy that the base that the fittings go on was not level. I will mount them soon & then glue the fittings on. Although I would like to get the tops on the beams because I am tired of seeing them as they are. Will not be long now before I get them mounted.