Monday, March 21, 2011

Bulkhead cutting and tools

I use a circular saw to cut strait lines using a guide that will cut right at the edge.

A jigsaw metal blade used for curved cuts.

Using an old template from the floats to support bulkhead while cutting.

Introducing RulleMarie (Rolling Marie) an old kitchen with wheels fitted. Here I use it for supporting mainbulkhead before glassing it.


Tor Rabe said...

I found my self drooling in front of one of those circular saws a while back. I was able to withstand the urge to buy one at the time.

MartinF said...

Yes it is really good, this is my second and I upgraded the size this one cuts 75 mm deep. But the smaller one is proberly fine for most builders, it cuts 55 mm and is lighter. I use a lot for cutting strait cuts in plywood etc. It is much easier than balancing a full sheet on the stationary mashine.