Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joining main hull

I got help from some neighbours to carry the port half back into the shed and place it on starbordhalf. It fitted faily well, but had to make some small adjustments. Also there is a 0.5 cm gap at the entrance I cannot get rid off, so I bog it and forget about it.
Hull resting on blocks, alingning top half to the bottom.

I used the Menno way to attache the two half and it really works well, thanks Menno (actually I found the tip on Frams blog, so this blogging is quite helpfull). I fitted an extra stringer on outside tophalf with small wood blocks on inside overlapping the gap, they will keep edges alinged while the bog cures. Clamp outside stringers together by any means. Also I found I made a measure mistake, I made the uni layer on porthalf 55 cm to short, bummer... Can make an extra piece with plent overlap and say my prayers. Will do it when taping hull together.

Trying to close gap even with a tensioner around hull.

Old clamping trick in use. It is called " en ters" in danish boatbuilding where I come from. Very conveinent when you cannot reach with the clamp or there is no space for the foot as here.

Or you could buy a modern clamp that can even be reversed so it is pushing instead of pulling.
The clamping force of these are not great but for holding they are fine and one hand operated.

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