Monday, February 28, 2011

Fairing beams and prep. for vaccumbag deck

Mixing fairing compound for beams.

First coat applyed, and sanded, it is not an easy job fairing beams, and the netrails does not make it any easier. Apart from looking nice I dont believe there is any weight saving at all, originally Farrier calls for small alu plates inside beam for tapping screws into and U shaped fittings on outside. If I had know how much work went into fitting and fairing netrails I might have chosen U fittings. Buying premade beams may be expensive, but it is a huge time saver, do it if they are available for you prefered boat (F22 and F32). Apart from that it is quite fun to make the beams, such a complex part of the boat and folding system.

All set for vacuumbagging deck. I prepare everything as much as I can, cut all material, laminate, reinforments, peelply, slipfilm and bleeder (as an experiment I have sprayglued film and bleeder together so I can apply them as one, more on this later). Vacuumtape all around and bag sealed to one side with airline attached, so work is minimised once resin is mixed. Not that I am in a hurry, I use extra slow hardener, but if something is wrong I got time to fix it, typically a leak in the foam.

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