Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cockpit seat fitted + HD inserts for deckfittings

Aft cocpitseat and stern plate fitted, it is a strait forward job, note I cut down the formframes no. 12, 13 ,14 all that was above hull, I should have done that on the first half, just a mistake when making the formframes.

I fitted all the HD inserts now, I stick to Ian Farriers setup, it looks fine and I see no reason to chance it. One thing that might be of interest is how far in/out the jib track is placed. It can only be seen when sailing. I think that if you try to pinch the boat it will go higher to the wind but much slower.

The remains from 12 mm foam, both deck halfs, pile on left to the bin, pile on right might get another chance, as some places you will need small pieces.
I think the waste procentage is pretty good, it must be 1-2 %, and it please me since this Corecell foam is quite expensive ( 12 mm x 122 X 244 cm is 103 € that is 34.50 € /m2). High density foam is ridiculous expensive, it is 127.50 € / m2, and the smallest sheet you can get is 0.9 x 183 cm.

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