Sunday, May 13, 2007

Foam bow and beamholes

I almost used up this pile of scrap, so my waste is almost nil. That is the good thing about this foam, you can join it for details like these bow caps.

Before I fair the floats I need to add a sacrifice bow, or a bumber. I use scap pieces of foam and glue them together with polyurethane glue ( foaming glue ?). It makes the same material as the foam, very easy to plane with the power planer.

Here the bow is fitted and faired ( bog not sanded yet). I then need to glass it.

I also cut the round hatches open a made the holes for beams. Note they are offset a bit aft.


Tor Rabe said...

The surface of your floats looks very fair and nice from these pictures! Are the beam holes supposed to be offset or is it unintentional

MartinF said...

Thanks but i spend some time getting them fair, but not much. I sanded the rough and high spot of foam, and filled the lows, as you can see it's the brown stuff. I thought it would be easier so fair an already fair surface.

The beamsholes are offset from plans app. 25 mm that is, dont ask me why haven't figured it out yet I maybe be will some day.