Saturday, January 19, 2008

Assembly CMM

To assembly the CMM bulkhead and the solid glass plates, I built a jig. This is my idea since Building book gives no details of how to do this. But it is very important that the holes lines up and are at the right distance. The jig consist of a base with two right angle alignment plates. The one to the right is screwed to base, the other is not. Two ply bricks of 8 mm height keeps the bulkhead up, see pictures below.

A 19 mm bolt aligns both plates. In between glass plates is a 28 mm spacer.
This is to ensure there is enough space for the Upper folding strut.

Bulkhead is aligned with center mark.

The part are glued.

Bulkhead is ready for the next assembly. This is not the right bolt here, just to illustrate what this is about.

More jigs is needed, first an assembly jig, for the complete CMM.

Next another right angle to hold bulkhead in position.
Glass plates fits into topplate.
As well as end plates.

Now pushed against jig that will set different plates in correct angles. All CMM ends must be the same.

Alignment lines should match up with top plate.

Bolt plates of solid glass.

Bogging and fillets all joints.

Using a mouth examine stick to smooth fillet.

Poor Saddam H.

Taping is done, and removed from jig, (remember package tape on jigbase !!)

Turned upright.

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