Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Autum 2007 part 1

Back on the blog. So I been doing lots of boatstuff this autum. Installing a big table for vacuum bagging flat panel, Freddy was so nice to give me a leftover 38 mm chipboard covered with laminate.

And the SB float i faired ready for post curing, Hibuild and paint.

The bowcap is now glued in place and
shaped using powerplaner and long sanding board.

Vaccum the glass in place.

Before going any further some apples had to be picked. Our new tree from this season gave 10 apples, I was really surprised by this. The tree is just to the left of me.

And back to buisness, mixing fairing compound.

I use SP S'fair 600. Very easy to mix and spread easy.

TIP if cans are heated a little in a box or so it will get a lot softer and easier to mix


Anonymous said...

Hello martin,
Thanks for your blog: very interesting...
Looking at you table, I was wondering how wide and long it was...
Enjoy your building praocess

MartinF said...

Hello Jean-Francois

The table is 210x240 cm so it is quite big. This means I can make two or more panels at one time. I reuse the bag, and sometimes even the release film (the one with holes to allow surplus resin to go through to the bleeder fabric. I will soon post the way I do this, I am a little behind with posting. Are you the frenchman that is going to build a F82??

Anonymous said...

Hello Martin,

Yes Martin "I'm the frenchman that is going to build a F82" (among others!); at least, I'm dreaming and hoping to start this project mid 2008... Will I be that much foolish???: I still don't know...

MartinF said...

Hello Jean-Francois

Could you email me at this address:

mater[remove this part]@lite.dk

I would like to share different F82 stuff with other builders.


wilkie said...

Hi Martin,thanks for last!!! :-) I should have talked more with you that day and showed you my workshop. We have a lot of things in commun.Its just that you have more time and ressources,...ME - I`VE GOT TWINS!! Wonderfull motto too : if you can`t buy it, build it! I`ve built my very first stereo amp. as 16 years old just to enjoy Hendrixes guitar...
Keep on doing what you are doing! That`s what keeps a man alive.
Are you enjoing those amplifiers? If not, you kan get your money back.

Best regards Sebastian W.