Saturday, April 18, 2009

Laminating inside port hull

Flemming, Peter and Musse helped laminating inside.

Peelply is applied. We had a little trouble getting a prober vacuum, due to leaking seams. I think I will glue the overlaps of the seams in the future. It seems to me getting these seams airtight with just the bog from inside is hard to obtain.
It is most frustrating when I tried to make the seams as good as I can and that is not good enough. With the time running it is most important to get a good vacuum fast.

Also the bag had a small hole that was sealed with a bit of tacky tape.

Finally we got the vacuum good enough.

-0.9 bar is not perfect, but good enough for a tight laminate.

There were proberly more hidden small holes in the seams, that are difficult to seal since the stringers are in the way.


Rod said...

Well done Martin How long did it take to do the lay up? Did you record how much resin you used.
It is frustrating not being able to get a good vacuum when you are running out of time.


MartinF said...

Thanks Rod! It took us about 3,5 hours to do all. I had cut the peelply in advance but everything else was done in this time. We used 3.5 kg of resin wetting out the app.13m2 400gm glass, including the extras layer. I do not know how much resin is in the bleeder and peelply, I recon between 0.5 and 1 kg. I forgot to put the uni in the keel at this time. Not a big mistake, but I remember to read info next time!!!

Tor Rabe said...

Incredible low resin usage! You will not be able to make those numbers with infusion I'm afraid, as more resin will be stuck in the foam surface. It all looks very good! Hope to meet you and Lydius at Anholt or somewhere some time.