Saturday, May 2, 2009

Deck Planked

Planking the front deck. It looks a bit dirty, I accidental walked on the planking. It will be removed when sanding bog later.

Deck/ foredeck transition,it curves just a bit.

Looking into the garden very nice, placed my moveable table out there. I cut the foam with an utility knife and a strait edge, much faster and easier than with the electric saw.

The boat shed viewed from the garden. That hedge needs cutting by the way ;-)

Last pieces (cockpit seat and stern decking) waiting for some epoxy, glass and vacuum.

I use almost everything, this is the scrap foam from the decking. I even thought about chopping it to powder and mix into the epoxy to use as bog.........

Hard to reach places are done with the extra head that came with the Festool drill. A great tool, but not cheap. I use it professional so not an issue.

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