Sunday, April 1, 2007

Float Hatches

I know this should have been before fairing and chainplates but I did not find time for blogging until now, so I do 3 blogs in a row.

So a hatch needs edges and I start with the ends

Then I do the corners first and fix these to the hull.

A screw here and there keep sides in place.

The sides are now glue to ends and a filling bog is set in the vcorner for glassing.

Ready for glass. I do both in-and outside. This is to fasten the vacuum bag later so the outer fabric will overlap this layer.

Glassed and peel ply on top. Peel ply is so nice to use and it make a great texture to bond next layer without or minimum sanding.

Finished hatch opening. A little bigger that in the plans but I hope it is alright. I got some big light hatches very cheap so that is why. But a big hole is convenient to load stuff, and to work in, when upside down .

This is the hatch I bought, 35 euro a piece, that is a tenth of a a normal hatch with alu frame and acrylic glass. And they are light!! I hope they are water tight, manufacturer claim that they are.

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Tor Rabe said...

Hei Martin! Spennende å følge byggingen din! Hvilken produsent/leverandør er lukene dine? Jeg kunne godt tenke meg sådanne i mine flottører.

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