Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sanding and filling

So I am filling and sanding two times, first I fill lows then sand with longboard(1/2 hour each side) then another fill, then a pass with the excenter, which is connected to the vacuum cleaner and therefore cleans all the dust from longboard. The longboard could be made with a connection to the VC but I don't think it is that dusty yet. Maybe I do it when the real sanding gets going after the lamination of outer skin. It look like a lot of bog but it is quite thin. And I think I save some work in fairing a bit not instead of doing all fairing on top of glass. I shall see if it proves to be the way to do this. All Farrier writes on this is like: fair until reasonable fair but avoid using to much bog as it adds weight. True but the boat needs to be fair and it is better to sand foam than fairing compound. Well I hope I'm doing fine. I must admit that I should have been more aware of the scallop effect I wrote about earlier. It could have saved some pounds. I think I used a kilo of bog per float, and then I sanded 30% off so we are taking 0.75 kilo. Compare to the estimated weight of the outer skin that will be glass 7 kilo, epoxy app. 6 kilo = 13 kilo. So then the bog is not a weight issue to me. But I fear that the fairing compound will be a lot more weight, I guess 5 kilo pr float maybe more. But we will see........ From the corner again

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