Monday, April 9, 2007

Laminated one float.

Jorn came by to spend some days with us, fishing, and helping me out with the lamination of the outer skin. Here we unwrap the last half (did one side at a time). If I had those synthetic staples then maybe I could do both in one go, but I don't mind splitting the process into two sessions. I use the same bag, sealing it at the stern and bow. It is so big that I just cut of the sealant tape at one end and reused it. I can still use it for the other half.

Checking the quality and it is fine. Sorry I did not use camera while laminating but I was alone the first half, will shot some the next half.

Note hat competition: Who got the highest stupid looking hat. And the winner is me off cause(to the left just to be sure)


Jay said...


Your float half laminate looks great. How many vacuum ports did you use? Any issues with leakage?

I am considering if I should vacuum bag my F22 floats. If you had any problems when doing yours, or other tips, I would love to hear about them.


MartinF said...

It is vital important that the foam is airtight, but a few leaks is acceptable, since to high vacuum can make the laminate to starved. But this depends on the bleeder material used ( the perforated plastic) and you pumpsize. To me the most important thing with the vacuum is to bring the laminate in close contact with the foam, and remove any air I did not removed with the squeegee. How low I go is not that important. Remember after the lamination you will add lots of fairing, so getting another few grams of epoxy out of the laminate is not relevant to me. This boat is not a pure race machine anyway.

So if in doubt with airtightness check with a full bag first. I make mine very to big length vice so I can cut off the mastic tape and reseal later. I seal bag around hatch opening, all other openings are closed temp. Remember to drill holes into any closed compartments (in my floats the aft end) A 3 mm hole will do, drilled in the bulkhead.

MartinF said...

I use a line of plastic hose drilled every 10 cm (4") connect to vacuum line. I photo it and publish it soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi MArtin,

I am building an F82 in New Zealand, on Waiheke Island. I am a little behind you so I am very interested in how exactly you vaccuum bagged the whole float and what points you learned from the first one you did. Pic's of the 2nd float and a description of exact procedure would be greatly appreciated. As is all the info on your blog. I am building by myself and have never done this before so your description and photo's are invaluable to me. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Anonymous said...

DOH, I Meant to say my e-mail address is

Keep the info rolling and happy building.