Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fitting foam on mainhull

Jess has been helping me before and I asked him to help fit the foam since when you are two persons, it is a lot easier and no screws on the inside is needed. As with the floats I cut the foam in 40 cm strips and route a shiplap each side (see feb. 2007 for detail). From frame 4 and forward we went to 30 cm strips since the bend is sharper at the keel.
We fasten a new strip in the middle and start hotforming the bottom part first (actualy it is the top but on the picture it looks like down!!!). As Jess is moving the heatgun I apply pressure and try to overbend it since it tends to springback a little. Proper heating is very importent since the holding power of the screws are poor. The strip has to be shaped to lay close to the battens as possible.

Foam is screwed from the outside. Jess is pressing the foam down as we go. Some places needs two or more screws to hold the foam.

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