Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Setting up building base...again.

I had to set up the base again for the mainhull. I asked Thomas and Hjalte (his son who took the pictures) to come and help since Thomas got a rotating laser level ( makes a red level line all around). It was a great help and good to know that the base is level and fair.

A little tobacco while evaluating the job.

The round "Arto Dito" on the orange box is the laser level. Now Thomas can check that the red light hits the same number on the ruler on all points on the frame. If not we put thin plywood shims under the frame.

Thomas cuts shims from a plywood left over.....in a not to safe way if you ask me. Maybe I need to tell him......

"Thomas you better cut the damn plywood without cutting yourself...."

"Are you talking to me...punk ?? "
"You damn right, no cut off fingers on this floor, I just wiped it clean."
"Yeah right..when is the food ready by the way?"

"When you are finished you can eat, do you think this is Buena Vista Social Club."

Almost done, frame are screwed to the floor.

"Done, let's eat ...."

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