Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Before I use to work as a sail maker and I therefore choose to do my own sails. Lasse from Ullman sails helps me in the new facilities of GP covers/ Ullman sails DK

This will be a fullbatten jib. I think we will use this on the 18 foot skiff as well, for our new sails. Purpuse is than when easing off, the sail still got a nice shape instead of bending to a round form. The sailcloth is MAXX cloth from Contender. Very nice product, that make it possible to create a crosscut sail but with treads going the right directions like a triradial sail does.

Lasse sewing pockets in the jib.

While Lasse is sewing battens etc. I assemble all the corners for the main sail.

Before we left I took a shoot of both the main and jib on top of another.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Which MAXX cloth did you use, as I believe there are three different kinds.


MartinF said...

I'm not sure about this, I check it out for you, going to finish the sails tomorrow the 10th of April.


MartinF said...

Sorry it took so long, but here is the info any way. The cloth is Contender Maxx PEN. The sails are almost finish but I forgot the camara the past couple of times we benn working on them. I will post a more fullfilling post soon, hopefully we will finish them next week ( app. 13-15 of may 2007).

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for that Martin!
Look forward to hearing how you like it.


Anonymous said...

Hej Martin,
jeg er på udkig efter en der kan lave et storsejl til mit Trailertri 680 (med en rig fra TT 720) er det noget du kan hjælpe med?

Jesper C.