Saturday, February 10, 2007

Choosing a design and getting started

Working as a sail maker i was offered a Dragonfly 25 that needed some work after it got hit by another boat during a storm in the Mediterranean, but it proved to be to expensive for this old boat, and it took 3 persons half a day to put it together. Then I started looking for a design I could build for myself, and eventually I came across this fine design. If you want to know more about this boat please look at Ian Farriers site.
The main idea would be:
  1. it is fast
  2. it is foldable ( 1 person can do it in minutes)
  3. it is epoxy/foam/glass/carbon built ( not just csmglass and polyester)
  4. you can trail the boat to whereever you like to sail.
But this boat is more expensive than Dragonfly 25 so even if I build it myself. I really had to convince myself that this was what I really wanted. A coincidense made the trick. A new zealander had his plans up for graps so I jumped right into it and said to myself that now I do this and take any problems that would arrice from the top and bring them down.

First I had to build a shed, I did this in 2005/2006 while also doing house fixing and finished another small boat I had going in my old workshop. The new workshop is insulated since Denmark can be quite a cold place during the winter. I was glad that many of my friends helped with left overs or recycled materials to make this shed as cheap as possible. It is going down when the boat is finished.

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