Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More opdating on previus work

Jorn, (in fancy suspenders), and myself ( the stupid fish) hot forming foam and fasten from outside, no glue is used here since later joints will be opened up and glued with bog. Used Polyurethane glue on the first half but this is not necessary. Starboard half's hanging on walls. Blue cord is vacuum hose, attached to a batten.

A fellow builder( Rod Tharp) showed how a shiplap can be routed in foam. This is used to join foam so when later filled with bog (epoxy and filler), the bog cannot sag through. The groove is only to the middle of joint.

Jorn is using a straight router to make groove for the bog.

I adjust foam with a utility knife. You can easily cut foam this way.

A little jump finish floathalf with bulkheads fitted. Note carbon unidir. used for stringer.

Peelply from vacuum is left on until late as possible. removed here for fitting bulkhead. Gives a nice textured surface that needs no or little sanding.

To much bog used here. I had some trouble to get a proper vacuum, so had to spartel a lot. Next float was a lot better.

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