Sunday, February 18, 2007

A walkthrough the workshops

Entering the stores, where a lot of furniture's, car parts, and materials for a trimaran is stored. The old workshop can be seen at the end of the room.

More stores, this time empty candy buckets from the local store. The local kids eats around 80 kilos (app 160 pounds) of candy each week. Makes a lot of buckets for me for epoxy mixing etc.

Work-table, but at the moment more a mixing-table, until I make use of another one I got in the stores room.

The old workshop (4x8 m) seen from the corner. Small dinghy for a ketch waiting for last coat of paint. Floor is recyckled from a sportsarena, really a tough flooring, and nice to walk and to clean.

The new work shop right next to the old. 5x10.5 m

View from the corner, standing on a latter.

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