Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Winter came by.

Winter outside shed, showing double door that can open in summer.

But inside my warm shed I start the carbon chain plates soon to be fitted in floats. Here foam is being straitened with a big power plane. Working with foam is like very soft wood.

Next a groove is filed in top to accept thimble.

And glued with high density bog.

Wipe of glue and let set. The top 50 mm is high density foam. I see from the F22 builders that they use a G10 tubing for thimble, maybe that is the new style (lighter) or maybe not strong enough for F82.

The winter came suddenly with surprise to all in Denmark, all though this happen every year with traffic panic etc. Had to go to Copenhagen in the blizzard. But we managed well.

I was going to christen the future crew, in this case my nephew Sofus Felix Klein Friderichsen, son of my brother Anders (to my right) and his wife Rikke( to Anders right). Far left is Jacob the second brother of mine.


Robert said...

Hi Martin,
I follow your blog since beginning - great job. Next time I want to start my own F82R-Building-Project here in southern germany. Currently I'm searching for a posibility to source the stainless steel bushes as thimble for the carbon chainplates. Do you know an marine outfitter where I can get these parts?

MartinF said...

Hi Robert
I am glad to hear that someone is out there looking at this blog, thank you very much. The stainless parts for my chain plates are fabricated by a friend of mine, he is a metalworker, got his own business. But if I were you I would look at some of the F22 blogs (links are found to the right in my blog). Look for chain plates, since the F22 do them with a fibreglass thimble (product is called G10 and is available all over the world). Maybe it is a good idea to consult with Mr. Farrier before doing this. The pin itself is off course in stainless steel. I do not know if you could get a bolt like this, I will have mine made by my friend.